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BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is revolutionary digital coin (cryptocurrency). It has the fundamentals of the well known Bitcoin : It  is Community Driven, it has no owners or "CEO", it implements the Proof of Work approach (it is minable like Bitcoin)  and it is ideologically based with a noble cause, targeting to offer worldwide free transactions with virtually ZERO cost for all. However BitcoinZ has its own genesis block, it is NOT a Bitcoin fork and is not an airdropped coin to Bitcoin (or any other coin) owners. It had a transparent and fair launch with : NO premine (no coins allocated to any adress before the source code release), NO instamine ( not initially minable only by a closed group with superior rewards) NO ICO sales (no special priced presold coins for making money), NO  Developers Fee (developers have worked voluntarily and every decision is taken by all the Community members) BitcoinZ is technically utilizing the ZCash core, offering privacy features .
Cryptotipsfr (CRTS) is a community token based on ERC-20. The token offers discounts on the Cryptotipsfr platform and cryptotipsfriends shop, different weekly and monthly activities.
x42 is a feeless coin that aims to provide developers anywhere from small indie developed games to large entrepreneurial projects that span dozens of facilities. This means that the X42 blockchain is designed to be scalable for any and everyone to launch their apps.
HTMLCOIN started as a Bitcoin clone in 2014. In late 2017 we became a project-fork of QTUM giving us a hybrid blockchain consisting of Bitcoin core with an EVM thus allowing for smart contracts. HTMLCOIN is the GAS that powers all transactions on our Althash Blockchain. Our main website and whitepaper is being updated and should be live by the end of this week. We have been relentlessly developing our platform, ecosystem and blockchain applications in various industries from Education, Medical, E-governance and more. Our Twitter account has a linear record of everything we have done over the years. I won't go into every development, but to mention a few: In 2018 two clinics in the Philippines started using our blockchain and DApp to record the births of all their newborns. We have been teaching blockchain to people around the world for free for over a year now and we're expanding. Soon we will be charging for classes. We have multiple 3rd party projects and developers which are building on Althash
Bitzec is a fork of Zcash 2.0 with its own genesis block , it is an implementation of the "Zerocash" protocol. Based on Nakamotos Bitcoin code, it intends to offer a higher standard of privacy through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata. Technical details are available in our Protocol Specification.
BNJ is one Proof of Stake and Masternode coin. BNJ is based on the technology of blockchain. BNJ is designed to create a payment system with the highest level of reliability, as well as speed of Transactions. BNJ is an eco-friendly digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions are carried out collectively by the network.
Wizard (WIZ) is an application platform developed based on YFI’s decentralized applications. And with additional functions such as (WIZARD.Farming) and (Wizard.Swap). This platform aggregates multiple agreements to protects the value of all token holders and generate high income to bring users additional interests on WIZ through WIZ staking.Our platform also aggregates multiple protocols. When users deposit for staking
Royal edge defi
RYG have unique Defi protocol features Our moto to make fast Defi transactions RYG wants to grow a new world tron base Defi community
We offer solution to constant issues in payment to our freelancers developers.(GHD) Will enable us to speed up payment process. Important Productivity and get everyone involved success.
eXperience Points (XP) is a combined incentive rewards based, globally accepted 'high street' digital currency built onto a single blockchain, designed to compensate gamers and the wide spectrum of gaming communities as well as directly benefit those who contribute positively to society.
FlypMe is an ERC-20 token. It was issued by the team responsible for the HolyTransaction trading platform as part of an ICO for the user-accountless exchange platform flyp.me in 2017. Token holders will receive a 50% share of the profits from the trading fees.
Combode is the ultimate confidentiality for the transfer of money and information. Combode is a fork of Dash cryptocurrency. It aimed on full decentralisation in the system of transferring of digital assets. Combode is not only a crypto currency, it's a decentralised digital system. Combode is based on Phi5 algorithm and uses a unique encrypted data transfer system that works on the basis of the blockchain. Combode doesn't have any owners or authorities that control it. The mining process of Combode is available for an unlimited range of persons who use CPU processors, but it's also protected from special mining devices like ASIC. The main advantage of Combode is use of PrivateSend for all transactions.
Zer-Dex Coin
Zer-Dex (ZDX) is a Masternode/Proof of Stake Coin, a form of digital online money using blockchain technology that can be easily transmitted through an online wallet without intermediaries anywhere in the word. It is fast, secure and has privacy for all transactions with almost zero fees.It is an open project for skilled and talented developers and individuals to develop ideas and achieve new goals. Currently, ZDX offers all clients of all types of old & new blockchain technology services to partner with us and integrate their services for the community to use. Our goal is to help clients increase the volume of use of their services and also use ZDX as a currency payment and bridge the gap between clients and users .
Hodlcoin is CPU mineable, by the people for the people. Rewards are earned on active HODL balances or you can lock your HODL away for a term and earn more. PROOF OF WORK 1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data.
The Most Technological Platform for Arbitrage The Swaprol platform provides a convenient opportunity for cross-exchange arbitrage trading. We have created bots for automated trading, you don't have to hire programmers to do Custom program for arbitrage and try to explain what you need. The program's user-friendly interface will help you trade in manual mode, which sometimes makes it difficult to create quick orders, as exchanges differ in design and functionality. Also, a price difference is always displayed, which helps you make quick decisions. Additional trading functionality in 1 Click and automatic trading will be a great help for cross-exchange arbitrage trading for more than 600+tokens.
Noah Decentralized State Coin
NOAHP is a unique coin that is connected to the ecosystem of the NOAH decentralized state, the only state that pays taxes to its citizens. NOAHP can provide with you a wide range of possibilities, such as participating in the development of the NOAH project, becoming a citizen of a wealthy state, using its anonymous abilities to make transactions, or even stake it in the DeFi liquidity pools.
UltraNote Infinity
UltraNote Infinity (XUNI) Project created Based on CryptoNote V.2 technology with secure transactions and decentralized blockchain. Instant encrypted private messaging with up to 100Mb file transfer. Integrated search and web browser based on TOR and Onion network for anonymous search and web browsing.
Sustainable Game Economies
Nydronia is a token built on the ETH network, its main purpose is to encourage the use of blockchain networks in companies, stores or institutions.
Internet Exchange Token
INEX Exchange will be built to help you to stay on top of your portfolio regardless if you're a beginner or expert. The INEX Platform will offer a decentralized-cryptocurrency exchange service. It aims to enable anyone to own virtual currencies in under five minutes, using their mobile phones.Never miss another opportunity, trade on the go with our mobile platform. Compatible with ios and Android mobile devices. Inex will be offered in both browser platform as well as mobile app. With mobile becoming the preferred way to use the internet, our goal is to provide our users with a successful on the go trading experience.
Cirquity is a private, fast, secure and easy way to send money to friends and businesses. Allowing you to be your own bank.
REAPit Wallet Token
REAPit Wallet was created to allow anyone add liquidity to different pools while enabling friends, colleagues and few more friends ;) send and recieve payments. We strongly believe DeFi is more interesting, useful and profitable if availability is not limited. REAP token is the major token for the platform.